My Tiny Senpai Season 2 Release Date, Cast And News

My Tiny Senpai anime has been gaining popularity among audiences who binge on light drama. The anime is based on a manga series known by the same name. Written and illustrated by Saiso, it first made an appearance on the Storia Dash website in April 2020. After getting intrigued by the storyline, director Mitsutoshi Sato decided to direct it. The anime is produced by studios Project 9. The first season of the anime debuted on screens in July 2023. 

So, will My Tiny Senpai have its second season or not? Read this article till the end to find out. 

Has My Tiny Senpai Been Renewed for Season 2? 

The first season of My Tiny Senpai hit the screens in July 2023 and ended in October of the same year. After running for 12 episodes. Since then, the makers have kept mum on whether or not the second season of the anime will come out. 

Currently, neither the makers nor the producers of the anime have confirmed the second season. It is not even surprising as the anime has recently wrapped up on the streaming platform. The first season of My Tiny Senpai covered the first 36 chapters of the manga. There is abundant source material to continue the story. Thus, the odds of the creation of a second season are high. 

According to fans’ theories, My Tiny Senpai will have its second season. All you can do is wait for the official confirmation from the makers.

What is the Plot of My Tiny Senpai? 

My Tiny Senpai tells the story of Shinozaki Takuma, a young adult. He works as a typical employee in Japan. Shiori Katase is the senior member of his team. He is petite, kind, and a thoughtful woman, who seems to have a soft corner for Shinozaki. She takes good care of him and is an overprotective woman. It is interesting to mention that the two have feelings for each other. However, because the balance of power is also at play, they are overly aware of each other’s behavior. What follows next is the eccentric couple’s story. The entire plot is heart-warming and hysterical. 

Crunchyroll’s synopsis of My Tiny Senpai is as under: 

 When Shinozaki started his new job, he never expected his superior to be so…cute!? He was struggling to learn the ropes until Katase, his adorably tiny and kind senpai, took him under her wing. She goes above and beyond to ensure Shinozaki feels comfortable—even rubbing his shoulders when he’s tense. But as they grow closer, Shinozaki hopes her devoted attention might mean something more.

What Happened in the Finale of My Tiny Senpai? 

The last episode of My Tiny Senpai season 1 aired on the 1st of October, 2023. In it, Shiori taunts Takuma about doing anything naughty while he is intoxicated. They both walk inside a restaurant to eat, and Takuma starts flushing. The next day, Katase teases her co-workers about going to lunch together when she spots a fellow employee. When Shinozaki appears and says he is ready for lunch, everything is different for Katase. 

In the same episode, Aiko asks Shinozaki to play the Meowtaro game. Shinozaki and Katase are prompted to consider their conversation on the rooftop due to a confession level. While Shinozaki was sure about the rejection, Katase has since come out to comprehend the true meaning of what the other person meant. 

After their reunion, they walk back together and exchange words about how they feel like friends instead of just co-workers. As they are unable to make alternative arrangements, they decide to visit the theme park when the office workers reflect during lunch about how they have never taken a trip. After enjoying a scrumptious meal, seeing the park, and having a gala time, Katase suggests Shinozaki have a picture together so they can cherish their first vacation. 

Who all are in the Cast of My Tiny Senpai? 

The cast of My Tiny Senpai looks like the following: 

  • Shiori Katase – Hina Tachibana 
  • Shinozaki Takuma – Yuuki Shin 
  • Chinatsu Hayakaawa – Yumiri Hanamori 
  • Chihiro Akina – Nobunaga Shimazaki 
  • Akari Kurusu – Hina Youmiya 

Can I Watch the Trailer of My Tiny Senpai Season 2? 

As the makers have not announced the confirmation of My Tiny Senpai season 2, the trailer or teaser of the anime remains a far cry.

How Did My Tiny Senpai Perform Among the Audience and Critics? 

 It has been a few months to the finale of My Tiny Senpai, and so far, the anime has received average reviews and ratings from the audience and critics. IMDb has given it a 6.4/10, and AniList has given it a 6.5/10. Another review platform, MyAnimeList, has rated the anime at 6.7/10. On Weekly Popularity Polls by Anitrendz, My Tiny Senpai stands in the 13th position for the best-performing episode. 

Is My Tiny Senpai Worth Watching? 

While My Tiny Senpai has not performed so great compared to other anime shows which boast a rating of at least 7-8/10, this show is still watchable. Despite the average ratings, the anime stands out for its heart-warming and humorous content that becomes relatable to the audience. The characters on the show are charming, and their relationships with each other evolve, which makes this anime a delightful watch. The whole narrative of this series is a mix of various elements, including romance, comedy, slice-of-life tropes, and subtlety. If you want to watch a series to warm your heart and fill you with good laughter, My Tiny Senpai ticks the boxes. 

Where Can I Stream My Tiny Senpai? 

You can watch all 12 episodes of My Tiny Senpai on Crunchyroll and Bilibili. 

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