Is HighSchool of the Dead Season 2 Cancelled? Release Date

The HighSchool of the Dead anime is based on a successful manga of the same name. Written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shoji Sato, the series created quite a rage when it was first released.

The publication of manga was done in Fuji Shobo’s Monthly Dragon Age in September 2006. The first anime adaptation of the manga was taken in 2011 and it was very well received by the fans. It became one of the most popular series of that time.

It has been over a decade since the first season ended, and no update on the subsequent season has come out. So, will HighSchool of the Dead have season 2 or not? Read this article till the end to find out.

HighSchool of the Dead Season 2 Release Date

Although the first season received a brilliant reception from the audience, the second season has not been renewed as of now. After the first season, the makers released an original video animation special episode in the same year. However, no updates about the show have been reported since then.

All the fans have been waiting eagerly for over a decade to hear about the second season. But reportedly, the show’s production faced serious challenges. Thus, it is very unlikely that the series will be renewed for its second season. But, one good news for all of you, Kuroko No Basket Season 4 is Released very soon.

Despite this, the fans await in the hope that their favorite anime will have its second season.

HighSchool of the Dead Plot

The plot of the series is based in a modern-day Japanese city. The protagonist, Takashi Kumoro, is an average high school teenager who has a crush on his friend Hisashi’s girlfriend, Rei.

Their peaceful life is put to an end when their school is infiltrated by zombies. Hosashi gets infected, and Takashi needs to kill his best friends. He promises to protect Rei despite the several difficulties on the way. Together with a few classmates, they manage to flee the school.

However, when they get out of the school, they realize the entire city is overwhelmed with zombies, and humans are getting infected at an alarming rate. There is tension everywhere, and the zombie virus doesn’t seem to stop. The characters are now trapped in the catastrophe, and they must come out, no matter what!

What has Stopped The Release of HighSchool of the Dead Season 2?

The biggest reason the series might not be renewed for its second season is the death of writer Daisuke. The writer was struggling with a heart illness for a long time and died in 2017.

His friend and the illustrator of the manga, Shoji, said in an interview that the makers wouldn’t be able to continue the series after the loss of the writer, and it is difficult to find a writer with a vision like his. According to Shoji, he would like the sequel to restart if the team finds a suitable writer someday. But the chances are rare.

In Shoji’s own words,

“Although it pains my heart, too, that the series went on hiatus just thinking about Daisuke Sato makes me think I cannot carelessly get involved.”

HighSchool of the Dead Season 1 Recap

The first season ended with a big cliffhanger, which made the audience hopeful that the anime would soon have its second season. The final episode of the series shows an onslaught of missiles and weapons attacking the cities by the Japanese, Chinese, and Americans.

The EMP waves are released, causing all the electrical appliances to malfunction. Because of it, Shido’s bus crashes into the barricades and destroys it. The zombies began to swarm into the mansion, and Soichiro directed the survivors to close the gates to fight them and search for the next safe space.

The mansion is no longer safe, and Takashi has to make their way to another hideout and tackle the challenges.

HighSchool of the Dead Cast

The cast of the show includes the following:

  • Suwabe Junichi as Komuro Takashi
  • Inoue Marina as Miyamoto Rei
  • Hiyama Nobuyuki as Hirano Kouta
  • Sawashiro Miyuki as Busujima Saeko
  • Fukui Yukari as Marikawa Shizuka
  • Kitamura Eri as Takagi Saya
  • Taketatsu Ayana as Maresato Alice

HighSchool of the Dead Season 2 Plot?

If the second season ever happened, it would follow the manga’s remaining volumes. Takashi and the gang joined forces with the people who have managed to survive the apocalypse inside the mall.

But before they can depart, they are breached by zombies. They escape the situation again and take refuge in the police station. They decided against leaving the town until Rei and Takashi’s parents were located.

Season 2 will take the story ahead. Currently, only three volumes remain to work on, and the creators might choose to add some story of their own, especially as the original story doesn’t have an ending.

Where can I Watch High School of the Dead Season 1?

While the updates on the second season remain vague, you can stream the first season and revisit your favorite characters. HighSchool of the Dead season 1 can be streamed on Hulu.

Final Words

Whether or not HighSchool of the Dead Season 2 will have its second season or not is highly dependent on finding a writer who can write a suitable script for the anime. Despite the vague possibilities, the fans expect to hear updates on the second season as soon as possible.

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