Solo Leveling Anime Release Date With Official Announcement

For all the Sword Art Online Fans, Solo Leveling is here to give you a bigger kick. 

Based on a famous South Korean webcomic, this show follows Sun Jin-woo, the world’s weakest hunter, who continues to put himself at risk of earning big and paying off his mother’s hospital bills. The full-of-adventures series is here to fill you with entertainment and give you the much-needed dose of action. 

The good news is that the makers have confirmed a release date for the premiere of the first episode of this series, and even launched its two new trailers. So, what is the fuss all about? Let us know everything about Solo Leveling in detail. 

For all the fans who had been long waiting to hear the updates about the release of this show, the wait is over. Crunchyroll has confirmed that the first episode of this anime will officially be dropping on the screens in January 2024. It will be a late Christmas present from A-1 Pictures to the audience. 

In another update, AnimeTV’s official X account teased on 27 October 2023, that the audience should soon expect an exciting new announcement about Solo Leveling on the 1st of November. All we would recommend you is to keep your eyes peeled. If you are waiting for the Black Clover Season 5 release, then let me know in the comment section.

Will There Be a Solo Leveling Anime? 

Yes. Rest assured! The popular manhwa Solo Leveling is soon turning into an anime. The makers have already started working on its anime adaptation. It will likely adapt the Japanese translation of the manhwa and change a few details of the story. 

So, who has taken the charge of releasing this anime?

As per the reports, A-1 Pictures, the animators behind some classic animations like Erased and Sword Art Online will be producing this anime, with Shunsuke Nakashige as its director and Noboru Kimura as the head writer. The character design will be taken care of by Tomoko Sudo. 

Another exciting addition to the show would be the composer Hiroyuki Sawano. Thus, besides giving you the right dose of action and entertainment, this anime will likely give you a dose of good music. Sawano is the talent behind the best musical tracks in many leading shows. Thus, all the music maniacs can expect epic guitar shredding and dramatic violins during the hunters’ battles. 

Solo Leveling Plot

Coming to the plot of Solo Leveling and its release history, you might get a little confused. The story was first published as a serialized novel in 2016. Afterward, it was adapted into a weekly webtoon. It was illustrated by the late Dubu. It released its 179th and final chapter in December 2021. So, once the anime adaptation of this story goes on the screens, you might hopefully see the entire saga adapted into many seasons. 

The plot of Solo Leveling is simple. As stated, Sun Jinwoo is a South Korean student and is certified as the weakest hunter. He is one of the select number of people who has been given special abilities and also tasked with fighting evil creatures emerging around the world. 

There are instances where he succumbs to many injuries and hurts himself. In fact, during a fateful mission, he is nearly killed. But Sun Jinwoo wakes up with the ability to increase his level actively. He takes this event in his stride and trains himself to challenge his reputation of being the weakest hunter on the planet. The story uses classic video game tropes and clichés to introduce all the new obstacles as the characters keep coming and going along their journey. 

Solo Leveling Cast

As per the reports, the show’s international cast has not been confirmed. That said, the Japanese cast includes the following: 

  • Taito Ben as Sung Jinwoo/Shun Mizushino
  • Reina Ueda as Cha Hae-In/Shizuku Kosaka
  • Hiroki Touchi as Baek Yoonho/Kenta Morohishi
  • Daisuke Hirakawa as Choi Jong-In/Shin Mogami
  • Banjou Ginga as Go Gunhee/Kiyoomi Goto
  • Makoto Furukawa as Woo Jinchui/Akira Inukai

Will Solo Leveling Have an Ending? 

Yes. This anime will also have an ending. 

As it is originally based on a web novel that has turned into a webtoon, there have been 14 volumes of the webtoon. The newcomers to the series can dive into it to get immersed before the anime officially premiers on the screens. As there are 14 volumes of the comics, if Season 1 becomes a hit, it will likely wait for the subsequent seasons. The expectations are high! 

Can I Watch the Trailer of Solo Leveling? 

The makers released the first trailer of Solo Leveling in July 2022. Afterward, another teaser was dropped in March 2023. Since then, there have been two brand new trailers to maintain your excitement of what’s coming in January 2024. 

In the most recent trailer, you will see the best glimpse into Hunter Sung’s ultimate beatdown and demise, only to be gifted with a Second Awakening, primed and ready with all the knowledge he gained from his initial failure. 


Solo Leveling is one of the most awaited anime shows, and the fans are waiting for their hearts out for its arrival. It is also one of the most anticipated anime releases of 2024. As the web novel is extremely popular in its own right, the hopes for the upcoming adaptation remain high. Let us wait and see how the anime creates magic on the screen. 

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