KonoSuba Season 3 Release Date – Cast, Plot And More

When KonoSuba was first transitioned from a light novel into an anime, it took the entire industry by storm, and the viewers loved watching the Isekai to their hearts’ content. The anime successfully delivered two seasons and gathered a massive fandom. When the makers announced the news of its third season, the fans started jumping with joy. 

The fans await the premiere of KonoSuba Season 3, which is likely to happen very soon. So, when exactly does the third season release? Read this article till the end to find out.

What is the Release Date of KonoSuba Season 3? 

The first two seasons of the anime did not have a long hiatus between them. The second installment was released right after the first one. The third season, however, is released after a six-year gap. Many factors affected the release date of the third season, especially the change in production and the impact of the pandemic. 

Although the makers have confirmed the making of the third season and even released a small video clip, no release date for the anime has been revealed yet. Many fans predict that the third season will premiere in January 2024, and if their prediction is right, you are only two months shy of watching your favorite anime. Here you check, Haikyuu Season 5 release date.

What is the Plot of KonoSuba? 

KonoSuba has been written by Makoto Uezu and directed by Takaomi. The production is supplemented by Studio Deen and the characters are designed by Koichi Kikuta. The official publisher of the series’s original light novels has described the plot of the show as under: 

“Game-loving shut-in Kazuma Sato’s life as a young schoolboy in Japan abruptly comes to an early end…or at least it was supposed to. When he opens his eyes, though, he sees a beautiful goddess that offers him a once in an after-lifetime chance to be reborn in a parallel world. The catch is that the world is violent and threatened by a growing evil! “

It continues

“Fortunately, he can choose any one thing to bring with him. So he chooses the Goddess, Aqua! And so his adventure with his gorgeous companion begins–if he could just get enough money and food to survive, keep his goddess out of trouble, and avoid grabbing the attention of the Demon King’s army!”

KonoSuba Season 3 Will Have New Cast Members

In addition to the excitement of the return of the much-celebrated series, the production has also revealed that many new cast members will join the team, and they will be playing pivotal roles throughout the season. As of now, Sayuri Yahagi, known for voicing Maho Hiyajou in Steins Gate, has been confirmed to voice Claire.

Another popular voice artist, Reina Ueda, who plays Kanade Tsuyuri in Demon Slaeyer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, will play the role of Rain. Kanon Takao will voice Iris in the anime.

What Will Be the Plot of Season 3?

The third season will narrate the adventures of Kazuma Sato, a teenage shut-in NEET who leads a group of adventurers comprising Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness. They team up to defeat the Demon King to save the world.

If the storyline is to be studied further, Kazuma has already defeated the Demon King and is enjoying a comfortable life with his reward money. But his plush lifestyle starts to catch the attention of the Crown.

Princess Irish approaches Kazuma for help in capturing the Chivalrous Thief Chris, who has stolen from the empire. The mission does not go successful, and Kazuma is left exiled and departed from his friends. He must come out as clean and uncover a wide-ranging conspiracy involving the royal family.

The third season would be exciting to watch!

KonoSuba Had a Film Release Too!

The much-popular anime isn’t just restricted to a show but also has a film release.

KonoSuba was first introduced as a light novel. However, it did not get much attention until the anime adaptation happened in 2016. The second season was released immediately in 2017, and somehow, the series came to a standstill.

The makers, however, did try their best not to keep their fans out of content. As a result, they released a film titled KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson in 2019.

The film featured a neck-to-neck battle between Kazuma and a monster in his hometown. Not only this, the makers also released a spin-off series of the anime – KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World. The plot of the spin-off revolved around Megumin.

Is There a Teaser of KonoSuba Season 3?

Good news! You can watch the official teaser of KonoSuba Season 3.

The official YouTube channel of the anime dropped a promotional video announcing the release of the third season in 2024 with no release date, but the teaser gave a lot of tea.

The teaser shows the return of all the major characters with an excellent narration in the English language that no one saw coming. The narration successfully managed to immerse the viewers in the fantasy realm of KonoSuba.

Where Can I Watch KonoSuba Season 3?

KonoSuba Season 3 is expected to stream on Crunchyroll. You can also stream its previous two seasons on the same platform.

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