[Updated] SK8 The Infinity Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

Sk8: The Infinity was released two years ago. Unlike the others, this one was not based on a dark theme of fighting or battle but was a first-of-its-kind anime centering on the concept of skateboarding. The makers tried to capture the essence of this sport in 12 episodes, which were savored by the audience to the fullest.

There were elements like action sequences, colorful characters, and the classic anime duo trope represented by the leads. The audience saw the beautiful friendship between Reki Kyan and Langa Hasegawa and loved it from the bottom of their hearts. But their budding friendship was not just about all good things. It was full of trouble as the two set out to become the greatest skaters and even competed against each other. 

The first season ended in 2021, making many fans wonder if there would be a subsequent season of the anime or not. Here is everything about the second season. 

SK8: The Infinity Season 2 Release Date

The fans would be happy to learn that the makers are reviving Sk8: The Infinity for its second season. The makers took their official Twitter account and confirmed that the show will have its second season. The announcement was made in August 2022

But unfortunately, there has been no update about the release date of the show after that. The announcement also teased an upcoming OVA. It means that even though the release date has not been announced yet, there is much to be excited about. 

If the reports are to be believed, the second season might drop during the fall of 2023. However, we are already in the fall season, and no update on the show has been released as yet. It seems the fans would still have to wait to find out the release date. 

In August 2022, the official Twitter account of the show announced the confirmation of the second season and OVA. They stated that the main production from the first season will return to work on the second season and the OVA. You can even find the trailer on their official Twitter page or YouTube conveying the same information. 

Sk8: The Infinity Season 2 Plot

Towards the end of the first season, you could see Langa beating Ainosuke Shindou or Adam. Now that they have conquered the underground ring S, what would be the next move for Reki and Langa? 

Unlike others, this anime is an original story and is not inspired by any manga or light novel. An official manga started circulating in March 2021. However, by that time, the anime was already under the spotlight. As there is no prior material to predict the plot of the second season, one can only speculate what the future holds for it. 

As per the fans of the show, the most obvious direction would be for the duo to discover a more elite skateboard competition. However, these are merely predictions and no confirmation of any kind has been given by the maker. As per the creator, Hiroko Utsumi, the show would tell its fans a little more about what’s going on between Shadow and his boss.

SK8: The Infinity Season 2 Cast

As the details of the second season’s plot remain nonexistent, it is unclear who from the original cast will return to the show. That said, the show would probably feature the main duo characters Reki and Langa.

  • Langa Hasegawa – Chiaki Kobayashi (Howard Wang in English) 
  • Reki Kyan – Tasuku Hatanaka (Matt Shipman in English) 

In another update, the promotional image for the second season has already revealed that Studio Bones is returning to animate the season. The production team is still a little vague. In the previous season, Movic, Aniplex, and ABC Animation were responsible for the co-production. But the current updates for the second season remain unclear. Reportedly, the production team will be returning, including the show creator and director Hiroko Utsumi and character designer Michinori Chiba. 

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Where Can I Watch Sk8: The Infinity? 

While the updates on the release of the second season are yet to be announced, you can enjoy the first season and stream all the episodes on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Billbili, in the meantime. 

Interesting Facts/Trivia

  • While the main cast of the voice actors in the show remains some famous names in Japan, the English dub is equally impressive, nabbing top names like Howard Wang, Matt Shipman, Chris Guerrero, Jonah Scott, David Wald, Daman Mills, and more. 
  • The face on Reki’s headband mirroring his expressions was not something that the director instructed, it was added by the animators to bring in more fun. 
  • Cherry was supposed to have a signature move during his beef with Adam. However, Utsumi scrapped it as it would not have fit with Adam’s line of him being boring. 

Final Words 

As the first season of Sk8: The Infinity ended without any cliffhanger, the audience was not sure if this show would have a second season. When the makers announced the second season, the fans were on Cloud 9. Now, everyone’s eyes remain glued to the official social media handles in wait for the updates on the next season. We hope the secret is revealed soon.

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