One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

One-Punch Man is one of the most celebrated anime shows that did not garner popularity only in Japan but worldwide. The fans loved the debut season, and the subsequent season, too, received immense attention from the fans and critics alike. Now, all eyes are on the third season, and the audience cannot wait for updates.

One-Punch Man is a Japanese anime series that has adapted its plot from the web-comic created by One and its subsequent manga adaptation illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The plot revolves around Saitama, a superhero, bored of becoming so powerful that all his battles end in a single punch. The direction of the series was taken care of by Shingo Natsume at Madhouse, and the writing was done by Tomohiro Suzuki. Currently, the series has completed two seasons.

Read this article till the end to find out the release date of the third season. 

One-Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

The first season debuted on the 5th of October, 2015, and continued till the 21st of December 2015. The second season aired on the 10th of April, 2019 and continued till the 3rd of July, 2019. The third season was announced officially in August 2022. After that, no update was heard from the makers. However, you will be happy to learn that the wait for the updates is over! 

Reportedly, there is a high chance the show could be back this year. Yes, you heard it right. While the makers are yet to make an official announcement on the release date of the third season, the show’s voice actors dropped a big hint on the social media platform, making the fans more excited than before. 

Saito Ishikawa, who plays Geno, tweeted a list of projects he has worked on that are scheduled to be released in 2024, and guess what! Your favorite show is one of them, alongside other shows, My Hero Academia and Quality Assurance. While it doesn’t qualify as a definitive confirmation of the third season, it is encouraging to know that the makers are crawling closer to the release date, especially after a hiatus of four years. 

Earlier, the fans were hopeful that the Jump Fiesta 2024 that took place in December 2023 would give more concrete updates on the release date of the third season but were disappointed to find the anime absent from the convention. That said, some reports suggest that there will be some concrete updates during the next big anime convention scheduled for March this year. 

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Why Did One-Punch Man Season 3 Get Delayed? 

While the makers have not given any solid word on the delay of the third season, the most apparent reason for the lengthy wait between seasons two and three could be the COVID-19 pandemic. The audience assumes that the pandemic may have caused significant delays in the production and filming of the series. 

One-Punch Man Season 3 Cast

The makers are yet to confirm the release date and production updates to the audience, because of which the updates on the cast remain unconfirmed too. But it is expected that the core cast of the series will be the same. One-Punch Man Season 3 will likely have the following characters. 

  • Saitama – Makoto Furukawa/Max Mittelman 
  • Genos – Kaito Ishikawa/Zach Aguilar 
  • Garou – Hikaru Midorikawa/Greg Chun 
  • Mumen Rider – Yuichi Nakamura/Robbie Daymond 

The addition of other characters remains under wraps.

One-Punch Man Season 3 Plot

The third season will pick up directly after the events of the second season and is likely to adopt the next arc from One and Yusuke Murata’s book. If we go by the book, the first two seasons covered the manga’s first 85 chapters or 16 volumes. It means season three will pick up the events of the 86th chapter, delving further into the Monster Association arc, which will be immense fun to watch. 

It is expected that the major events of the arc will include a full-fledged invasion of the Hero Association. It will also cover the recruitment of all S-Rank Heroes, along with the ascension of Garou to all-time villain stature. In the second season’s finale, the meeting and first-ever fight between Garou and Saitama takes place.

Some fans speculate that the Hero Hunter will return in the third season. Another section of fans assume that the hero Blast will also show up in flying colors. Additionally, the third season is also likely to unveil the intricacies of the Hero Association, expose its imperfections, and highlight the internal conflicts that will make the storyline even more intriguing. 

With so many theories, speculations, and assumptions, it would only be fair to wait for the makers for an official announcement. 

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One-Punch Man Season 3 Have Episodes 

Both the first and second seasons of One-Punch Man have 12 episodes. Considering the format, the third season is likely to continue the legacy. 

One-Punch Man Season 3 Teaser/Trailer

As of now, you will not find any teaser or trailer for the third season. But rest assured, you will soon stumble upon the updates related to the show as it is likely to be released this year. In the meantime, you can stream the first two seasons of the anime. One-Punch Man seasons one and two are available to stream on Crunchyroll globally and Netflix in certain countries. 

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